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There is a Ava that goes to my university that also runs a PLL blog. Her and I chatted like once. I am somewhat curious if you are her, what university do you attend?

I haven’t run this blog in well over a year and I’m actually not in school for the time being, so I’d guess that it isn’t me!

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Hanna Marin + pretty outfits

Troian Bellisario in “Pilot”

" He and I have a few episodes together. Love me some Gregg Sulkin; he’s great. And he’s there for Aria in a way that Ezra definitely can’t be there for her. Ezra’s past is coming back to haunt him. He seemingly has a kid, so for the remainder of the season, Aria and Ezra will be dealing with that. Aria’s only 17, and to have to deal with that is a lot. They’re once again on a roller coaster ride, and I think the ‘Ezria’ fans are going to be in for it this season — whether that’s positive or negative, I can’t say. "
Lucy Hale talks about the return of “Wesley” (Ezra’s Brother)